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Monday, June 23, 2014

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Written and Illustrated by Charles Shaw.
Scholastic, 1988

A great book for vocabulary and discussion. The simple pictures show an object on each page making the reader think about whether or not it's just 'spilt milk'.

Activity: Spill some milk. Give your child(ren) a straw and see if he or she can blow it into different shapes and guess what they make. This can also be done to make a permanent picture with thinned (water-downed) white paint on dark paper. Blowing with the straw is also great for oral-motor development.

Do some sky-gazing. Lay outside under the clouds and guess what each of the shapes could be. If your child has an active imagination, encourage stories to evolve with these new characters.

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