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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Song Board

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Song Board:

Slime Ingredients:
½ cup of glue, 1 tsp of borax powder dissolved into 1 warm cup of water and a few drops of watercolor paint. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Party Changes

Hi Parents! Quick change on the parties for today and tomorrow:

Small Group: Decorating Trick-or-Treat bags

Snack: Decorating & Eating Cookies

Large Group: Trick-or-Treating

Outside Time: Staying inside and playing Halloween Games
     Skeleton, Skeleton, Where's Your Bone
     Who's Under the blanket
     Singing Spooky Walk and Halloween House

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Week Festivities

This week's schedule:

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Who Put the Spooky in the Spooky Dance?
(Sung to the tune of Who Put the Cookie in the Cookie Jar?)
Class: Who put the spooky in the spooky dance?
____________ put the spooky in the spooky dance?
Student: Who me?
Class: Yes you! (Student does a dance move)
We can do it too! (…and everybody imitates)

Skeleton Game
One student leaves group wearing skeleton ‘bib’.
A bone is hid with one of the students
Student comes back in and the class sings:
Skeleton, Skeleton where’s your bone?
Somebody took if from your home.
Guess Who? Scooby Doo
Student then walks around the circle saying:
            “Did you take my bone?”    
When s/he asks the right friend, then that friend gets to go out.

Story of The Pumpkin Seed Cycle Visual Aide:

From http://lifeovercs.blogspot.com/

Pumpkin Faces

Friday, October 11, 2013

Monthly Fill-In Activities

At the end of snack, our assistants read stories to the students at their table. Some of the books for this month include:
The Spider and the Fly
Room on the Broom
A House in the Woods
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
The Fox and the Falling Leaves
When I Feel Good About Myself
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
One Duck Stuck
Pete the Cat-Wheels on the Bus
Pumpkin Countdown

We also have different times during the day that we need 'fillers'. For example, this last week when it was too cold and wet to go outside. Some activities we are doing to fill this time include our song board, "Guess Who ( is hiding under the blanket)" & Doggy Doggy, "Where's Your Bone" (we have not done this one yet).

Favorites this last week are the Spooky Walk (Click here to hear the same version of the song we use) and "The Halloween House" (Sung to the tune of the Wheels on the Bus"). We let the students decide what is in our house and what they say or do in the house. An example:

The Ghosts in the house go whooo whooo whooo,
Whooo whooo whooo,
Whooo whooo whooo.
The Ghosts in the house go whooo whooo whooo,
On Halloween

Emotions and Pumpkins-October 21

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Link to 5 Little Pumpkin Song Visual Aid: Click Here

Monster Madness-Oct 14th

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Red Group A, B
Blue Group B, C
Green Group C, A

Link to Abiyoyo Book: Click Here

Friday, October 4, 2013

Free Autism Training

The school district is sponsoring a training for parents and staff that have children with high functioning autism and/or Aspergers. Melisa Genaux will be teaching them. She provided training for our staff when I ran the preschool autism program and she is wonderful to learn from. I recommend it if you have a family member with or know someone who could use it. Feel free to pass it on.

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Leafs are Falling Everywhere

A Week of Leaves, Colors and Sizes

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We're Going on a Leaf Hunt Chant:

“We’re going on a leaf hunt”
“We’re going to find some big ones”
“Some Small ones too!”
“Some might Be Yellow”
“Some might Be Brown”
“Some might Be Red”

“We’re going on a leaf hunt”
“We’re going to find some big ones”
“Some Small ones too!”
“Look, Ones up High”
“Stretch way up!”
“Reach to the sky!”

 “We’re going on a leaf hunt”
“We’re going to find some big ones”
“Some Small ones too!”
“Look way down low”
“Reach way down”
“Now grab it as you touch your toes!”