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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Week Festivities

This week's schedule:

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Who Put the Spooky in the Spooky Dance?
(Sung to the tune of Who Put the Cookie in the Cookie Jar?)
Class: Who put the spooky in the spooky dance?
____________ put the spooky in the spooky dance?
Student: Who me?
Class: Yes you! (Student does a dance move)
We can do it too! (…and everybody imitates)

Skeleton Game
One student leaves group wearing skeleton ‘bib’.
A bone is hid with one of the students
Student comes back in and the class sings:
Skeleton, Skeleton where’s your bone?
Somebody took if from your home.
Guess Who? Scooby Doo
Student then walks around the circle saying:
            “Did you take my bone?”    
When s/he asks the right friend, then that friend gets to go out.

Story of The Pumpkin Seed Cycle Visual Aide:

From http://lifeovercs.blogspot.com/

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