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Monday, June 16, 2014

One Duck Stuck

One Duck Stuck
Written by Phyllis Root, Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Candlewick Press, 1998

"Five Frogs plop to the Duck. No luck, still stuck".

It's time to get dirty. Start with a tub of mud. If you don't want to get too dirty or for a little more fun, a tub of chocolate pudding works great.
Start by reading the book together and then 'making' your own mud, measuring out the ingredients (whether it be dirt and water or pudding mix and milk). Mix together. Use toys from the house to re-enact the story. "Two fish, tails going swish, swim to the duck. No luck, duck stays stuck, deep in the muck, down by the fishy, squishy marsh."

Encourage using the phrases "Help, help, who can help?"

Through out the week, when you need help (like cleaning up toys) you can encourage them to help but saying, "Help, help, who can help?"

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