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Monday, June 30, 2014

Round is a Mooncake

Round is a Mooncake
Written by Roseanne Thong and Illustrated by Grace Lin
Chronicle Books, 2000

A book about finding shapes in the world around you. This little girl with a Chinese Heritage finds them in her round mooncake, square name chop, rectangle abacus and the round lanterns around her. 

Take a shape hunting walk around the house, the backyard, at grandma's house or somewhere else fun like the playground. How many can you find? How are they the same or different including colors, sizes, dimensions? You could even cut out paper shapes and write the names on each one, using them to 'match' shapes for kids that might not yet distinguish between each of the shapes. Want to make it challenging? Don't forget the more difficult shapes from rectangles and ovals to maybe even trapezoids

As you read the story, talk about what might be culturally significant to this girl and her family. What are some traditions and items you have in your home that might be different or unique to someone else?

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