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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Preschool Summer Reading Program

“Reading to your child may be the single, most powerful contribution that you,
 as a parent, can make toward their success in school.”
-William Russell

Summer is on it’s way! I am putting together activities that you can do with your child throughout the summer to encourage skills to prepare them for the fall.  These skills include book knowledge concepts, phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, concepts in relation to math and science, vocabulary, language and continuing to increase attending skills. However, don’t worry. They will be naturally embedded into the book and the activities and fun! Most importantly, they will provide an opportunity for you to be with your child as they continue to learn and grow.

Throughout the summer I will post activities and a corresponding book
that you can find at the library or may already own. Many of these books you can also find on youtube. For some of you that may have trouble getting your child to sit still through an entire story, create a routine, for example, at night to settle down before bed, or even while they’re in the bathtub. That’s the way I get through a one at our house. 

Enjoy your summer!

Here’s a kick off one even though we still have a month of school left:

Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See and Activities

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