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Friday, January 10, 2014

Snowmen and Birthdays

This week we have two themes: Snow and Birthdays. The students have been very excited about both! We've had a lot of birthdays recently and even when their birthday might be 9 months out, a lot of our student's say, "It's my birthday soon too!" so we are going to celebrate everyone's birthday (although we celebrate individuals ones as well on or close to their birthday).

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During our Snow Man large group we will talk about keeping warm in the cold weather. Then we will be reading the following story and the student's will get to put a piece of clothing on our 'life size' paper snowman. Afterwards, we will talk about other things our snowman can wear and draw pictures of them to put on our snowman as well. You can download a copy of this story (via this link).

During our Birthday Celebration Large Group, we have a birthday cake with a different birthday songs on each of the candles, including Feliz Cumpleanos (Peruvian version). Each student will take a turn choosing the song and a motor movement (e.g. stomping feet or clapping hands) for us to do with it.

Our other books this week:

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