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Friday, January 17, 2014

Goodnight Gorilla

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'Joining in' Activity: To the tune of The Wheels on the Bus
The lion in the zoo goes ‘roar’, ‘roar’, ‘roar’,
‘roar’, ‘roar’, ‘roar’,
‘roar’, ‘roar’, ‘roar’.
The lion in the zoo goes ‘roar’, ‘roar’, ‘roar’
All through the day

The students then pick what animal and animal sounds they want next.

Goodnight Gorilla~Large Group

After reading the book as a class, each child get’s an animal from the book. The zoo keeper comes around with the flashlight and keys, singing “Goodnight Lion, Goodnight Lion, Goodnight Lion, It’s time to go to sleep. The gorilla comes and unlocks all the ‘cages’ and follows the Zoo keeper to the bed (a pile of pillows and blankets). We all go to sleep and then yell, “wake up!”  and rush back to our cages.

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