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Friday, May 15, 2015

Mixed-Up Chameleon & Space Travel

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Mixed-Up Chameleon

Reading the story Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. This story is about a Chameleon that thought his life was boring until he discovered he could change his shape and color to look like other animals. In the end he discovered that being himself was the best. After reading the story, each student gets their own transparent Chameleon to take around the class and turn into any color or texture they would like. We then come back to the rug, talk about what we saw and emphasize that the best thing to be is oneself.

Space Travel

Remember our train obstacle course (click here)? This time it's the same type of course teaching the same concepts (Under", "Behind", "Through", "Over" and "On") but instead it's with a space theme. The students get to travel through space as they go from planet to planet in a loop around the room. The planets have numbers on them so they look for each one in numerical order before they finally come back to rest at 'Earth'.

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