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Monday, March 30, 2015

Letter Tracing Rhymes

These are the tracing rhymes we've used with the students during Carrie's large group each month. The students each have a letter card to trace with their finger as we chant the rhyme. You can use these to review them at home (but be careful not to make this a 'drill and kill' activity, just once here and there, led by your child's choice). 

B: Start at the top, draw to the bottom.  Now bounce the line once, then twice from top to bottom.

C: Start at the top, and draw down, half a circle, not a frown.

D: Start at the top, and draw down.  Go back to the top and draw around. 

G: Draw half a circle, not a frown. Draw across the middle and then down.

M: Draw up the mountain.  Go back down.  Back up the mountain and down to the town. 

P: Start at the top and draw down, go back to the top and draw a little bump down.

T: Top to bottom, now back to the top.  Left to right, and now STOP!

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