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Friday, September 19, 2014

How Does Your Engine Run and Let it Go

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How Does Your Engine Run: This large group is based on a therapy program that helps children learn how to regulate their bodies. We have a chart with color coded areas for high (fast), medium, and low (slow). Students will get to put pictures on each one and choose something for us to practice doing as a class at that speed (e.g. patting knees). We talk about where the speed is good for (e.g. fast on the playground or park, medium at small group or when eating, slow when it's bedtime) and will use the verbiage to generalize the behavior across multiple settings to help students regulate themselves.

Tigger moves fast & crazy, Pooh moves medium and Eyeore moves slow.

Let it Go: We did this large group last year and students LOVED it. It's developed around our curriculum but highly based on student's interests. I didn't think we'd do it again since the movie came out last year and it may not be as exciting. That being said, we have been listening to a preschool station on Pandora during worktime and every time a Frozen song comes on, especially "Let it Go", many of the students have gotten super excited so we are doing it again. We will watch a short clip of this video:

Then we will pass out instruments and let the student's play along to it with us. We'll move our instruments high, low, in the, fast, slow and 'just right'. Afterwards we will get out the scarfs and let them dance and sing to the video (the one we watched today):

If there's still extra time, we will probably dance to a few more songs, encouraging singing and making a variety of dance patterns.

Bubble Wrap Painting
Wiki Stick People Gone Angry Bird Style

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