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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Written by Leo Lionni
Dragonfly Books, (Reissued Ed.) 1973

Swimmy is a Caldecott Honor Book about a a fish full of bravery and ingenuity who uses teamwork to help a school of fish overcome their fears in the deep dark ocean. 

Create a 'Gel Aquarium' following the directions from www.teachpreschool.org to make a colorful sensory bag. Use blue and green food coloring for a 'sea water' look. Add fishes to your aquarium. Use a carton (like from milk or juice) to draw on fish and cut them out. If you want to add designs on your fish, use a non-washable marker so it doesn't bleed in the aquarium  
You can also do a Sponge Painting by cutting a sponge into a shape of a fish (or you can probably find them at the dollar store) making designs with all the little fishes.

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