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Friday, August 22, 2014

First Week!

We go over our message board everyday during Greeting Time
Welcome to a brand new year! I hope you all enjoyed your summer. For those that are new, this is where I will be posting weekly lesson plans so you can follow along with what your student is learning at school. However, this post you get a lot of extras as well. Here is our daily schedule:

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This is our small group weekly curriculum rotation. Typically your child's group will be based on a rotation letter. Red Group starts with 'A' on Mondays, Yellow Group starts with 'B' on Mondays and the Blue group starts with 'C' on Mondays. There will be a daily "Ask me what I did in Preschool Today" form that will also have a few things written on it to help you find and follow along in what group your child is in as well as what they ate at snack and did during worktime.

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For the curriculum rotations, there will be certain times (like right before holidays, the first few weeks of school, the last week of the year etc.) where the rotations will look a little different.

That being said, being the first week of school, our focus is teaching transitions, basic school rules, social skills and information about resources in the classroom, the second week will look similar as well. Here is our weekly lesson plan for the first week of school:

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We are all so excited for our first week of school! Feel free to call or email me at anytime you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week!

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