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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bee's Knees, A Willow Springs Update

If your little one has come home with dirty finger prints, it might be because we have dirt in our sensory table, it may be that we've been tracing letters with dry erase markers, or it just might be that we have been making fingerprint bugs. Our principal Mrs. Sharyle Karren, who has been teaching at Willow Springs for many years has announced her retirement. The good news is that our Vice Principal, Marianne Yule has been selected to take her position and she will do an amazing job. We couldn't let our principal go without a thank you to remember us by, especially after all the years she has spent working with us down in preschool. We (both of our classes) made this picture board frame for her:

It's our little busy bees that make this job so wonderful. 
We are so glad we have them!

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