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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stop & Go and Neighborhood Helpers

Our large groups this week are two we have done previously but with the students that come different days. To see what they are, click on the links below:

Stop and Go Large Group

*Neighborhood Helpers Large Group

*I've been referring to it on our lesson plans and blog as 'community helpers' but with the students we have been saying 'neighborhood helpers' because it makes more sense to them about what they are.

Our Large Group and Small Group lesson plans:

Click to View Larger
Transitions: This is a new element we have added to our greeting time of the day. Greeting Time looks like this: We sing our welcome song, have a student count the kids, go over our white board with activities and reminders for the day and read our nursery rhyme. After that, everyone gets to go to their tables for small group. I have sticks with different items on them with directions like, "If you first name starts with this sound", "If your name starts with this letter", "If you are wearing this color", "Move like this kind of animal" etc. We draw one out and that is how everyone get's to leave for their table.

April Fools: April Fools day will be next week on Tuesday. In honor of it, (and the only trick we'll play as to not confuse our students too much), we will be turning our milk blue. We have individual cartons that they usually pour into cups or drink out of with a straw. I'll probably get them all out in the morning, pour them into a pitcher, mix in the food coloring and re-fill them. Hopefully it's strange (and exciting enough) that they will share with you what happened!

"How Many Strawberries?" small group activity

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