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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Balloon Faces

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This week is Parent-Teacher Conferences. Let me know or email me if you didn't receive information on signing up. With all the short weeks, our schedule with Ms. Melissa has been switched around. Next week she will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Balloon Faces
For our large group activity on Monday, we are doing ballon faces. Our main Key Developmental Indicator (curriculum) is Emotions. This last week we got out the balloons during work time (we had been explaining how static worked because of a toy that works using static) and we needed a better example. We spent the entire rest of the time flying them across the room, keeping them up in the air and sticking them to ourselves. They loved it. For large group, we will review what the different basic emotions are with big picture cards (happy, sad, angry, surprised, embarrassed, shy) and then the students get to decide which face they want on their balloon. When everyone has a balloon with a face (and their name) then we will throw them in the parachute. If one fall's out, flies up etc... we can say, "oh no, we lost the happy balloon". As a extender, if needed we will also do more with balloon tossing and static clinging. 

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