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Friday, November 22, 2013

Change in Weekly Themes

The students have just loved our Large Groups over the last few weeks and since the majority of our students only come twice a week, we are going to do some repeats with variations so they can all experience them and have access to the curriculum content.

For example, we did the story re-acting of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears on Monday and the number fishing for more and less on Tuesday. Next time we will do story re-acting of The 3 Three Little Pigs on Tuesday and the number fishing for more and less on Monday. Some of our students will get almost the same activity twice but we have observed that many of our students do even better the second time an activity is done. The small groups will be different from previous ones however, some may be similar but start on a different day of the week. We try and base our small groups (as with the large groups) on our curriculum (KDIs that you see on the lesson plan sheets) and on student interests so you will see that reflected as well in our lesson plan themes and activities.

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