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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reading & Music Activity

ABC Song
Written by Barbara Milne, Illustrated by Terri Mitchell
Sounds Like Learning CD, 2010


Do you know these letters sounds, do you know these letter sounds?
They will help you learn to read, they will help you learn to read.

Apple, Apple a a A (each of these lines are repeated twice)

Baby, Baby b b B
Cookie, Cookie c c C
Dolly, Dolly d d D
Elbow, Elbow e e E
Flower, flower f f F
Garden, Garden, g g G
Hammer, Hammer h h H
Igloo, Igloo i i I
Jelly, Jelly j j J
Kitten, Kitten, k k K
Lion, Lion, l l L
Monkey, Monkey m m M
Necklace, Necklace, n n N
Ostrich, Ostrich o o O
Pumpkin, Pumpkin p p P
Quarter, Quarter, q q Q
Rabbit, Rabbit r r R
Scissors, Scissors s s S
Tiger, Tiger t t T
Undershirt, Undershirt u u U
Vacuum, Vacuum v v V
Window, window, w w W
X-ray, X-ray x x X
Yo-yo, Yo-yo y y Y
Zebra, Zebra z z Z

Developmental Focus: Letter Names and Sounds

Activities: Sign letters and words for each verse, have child go through and name each letter on each page. Create a book with pictures of familiar objects the child (e.g. Mommy, Mommy m m M, Jayden, Jayden j j J).

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